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What is My Virtual Teddy bear?

My Virtual Teddy bear is an online edutainment activity for children aged 4 to 12. The activity consists of adopting, visiting, and feeding a virtual teddy bear. The type and quantity of foods that are fed to the teddy bear daily will progressively change its color and weight.

This activity is free and was inspired by Canada’s Food Guide.

What is the game's objective?

Health is a growing concern for people all over the world. And the quality of our diet is an essential factor for good health. 

My Virtual Teddy Bear is an original and fun way to teach children the basic principles of a healthy diet by introducing them to the following:

  • The 4 food groups
  • The best types of foods to choose in each of the four food groups
  • Foods that do not belong to the 4 food groups
  • The importance of a balanced diet
  • The importance of eating reasonable quantities
Important: The My Virtual Teddy Bear game is for entertainment purposes only. To learn healthy eating habits for your age and sex, refer to information produced by the competent authorities in your country (Canada’s Food Guide, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, France’s Programme national nutrition-santé, Food Standards Agency documents from Great Britain, etc.). Persons with special nutritional needs (due to illnesses, allergies, food intolerance, etc.) may need additional advice from health professionals.   

How does the game work?

The child adopts a virtual teddy bear by providing information to create a profile and personality for his/her teddy bear. Personal information is not required.

At the time of registration, the child chooses a name for his/her teddy bear and a password. The child will then use this information to visit his/her virtual teddy bear as often as the child likes.

The child can feed the virtual teddy bear. The quantity and variety of the foods chosen over the course of a day will influence the teddy bear’s color and weight.

No matter what happens, the teddy bear will never die. Regardless of how often the child visits the teddy bear or the diet he/she chooses, our virtual guardian angels are there to ensure its survival. So feel free to encourage the child to experiment and see what happens! 

The child can share the results of these experiments with friends by inviting them to visit his/her virtual teddy bear. If they know the teddy bear’s name, they can visit the teddy bear but cannot feed it. The child must not give out his/her password to friends.

Who designed the game?


This project was designed and developed by Trafic, a creative technology firm. Trafic offers consulting services in management and marketing applied to Web technologies as well as Web design and development solutions.

Over the years, Trafic has developed a number of educational projects for the Web. These initiatives reflect Trafic’s conviction that using technologies in education helps create new ways of learning and fosters a wide variety of rich and stimulating learning situations.

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